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Your perspective on this matter is stunning and your words reflect pure wisdom.

Fraser has this remarkable ability to step into one’s shoes, carefully listen, while engaging in one’s story in a truly invested manner. From his long career and life experience, having the opportunity to take part in such open and non-judgemental conversations has helped me in many ways.

Sometimes, just having a different perspective on things is all that it takes to overcome a crossroads.

Can’t thank him enough for his kindness.

Senior Software Engineer, Portugal

It's kind of distracting

The software Fraser developed 25 years ago is still working effectively today.

Even today, I’m reminded periodically how intuitive Fraser is at the development stage to anticipate future uses of the software.

Fraser is a rare find in the industry. The pride he places on his work far exceeds the expectations anyone could place on him. The question is not: should you be dealing with him, but rather: are you as committed to your project’s success as he will be?

Private printing company, Canada

And sort of pointless

Fraser is conscientious, reliable and personable: the ideal person to work with when you’ve got data you need to put to work for you.

I would know, I’ve worked with him for over 20 years.

Federal government research department, Canada

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- a challenge that custom software might fix?

- an opportunity that custom software might make bloom?

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We have been working with Fraser for over a year now and simply could not recommend him highly enough.

He and his team have been fundamental in building the infrastructure for a variety of projects within our network and in every case the attention to detail and process driven thought processes applied to their work has resulted in us receiving a product of a quality that vastly exceeds the brief given.

They excel at detecting potential problems before they occur and this has been absolutely invaluable to us.

Private online gaming industry guide, Scotland

Oh! I remember now:

What can I say?

This was our first time using Fraser and it was a fantastic experience!

Fraser showed great commitment and flexibility to produce a truly desired outcome as well as communicating thoroughly and promptly. I will have zero hesitation in recommending Fraser or utilising his expertise in future.

Private publishing company, Australia

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Fraser is exceptional at understanding code.

His passion, experience and constant drive to make smooth, seamlessly integrated features made him an extremely valuable asset to our team.

Private game studio, Canada

Fraser genuinely takes ownership of our goals in an honest and unbiased way.

He goes far and above how customers interact with our site. Flashy graphics and customer experience is great. But more importantly to us he will take the time to understand our workflows, often in the end better than we do. Linking their experience to our complex databases and employees is what separates Fraser from all the other web designers.

Fraser's extraordinary value is his talent for understanding and solving complex data needs.

Private photography studio, Canada

Fraser has an amazing quality of paying attention to what one is saying and reacting to it in a provocative and energetic way.

Photographer and Content Curator, New York, USA

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