Free Initial Consultation

Sometimes all you need to do to get your project started is just to start it. But you might have questions.

Maybe you are thinking of a SaaS app you could build using NoCode. Maybe you have a big app and you need to discuss some big-picture stuff. Maybe you just want to say hello.

Then this is a good time to get in touch. I offer a free 30 min Zoom (or Google Meet) meeting for your first consultation, where we can get to know each other. Maybe I can help you with your project.

Book a sessionFree Introductory 30 mins

Have a project in mind?

- a challenge that custom software might fix?

- an opportunity that custom software might make bloom?

- a SaaS idea that NoCode would work splendidly for?

Consulting over Zoom

After your initial free consultation you may have more questions.

At certain times, you can get a lot done in a short time - especially, if you get just a little bit of highly targeted help. If that sounds just about right for your situation, maybe these 2 services may appeal to you.

The M5 and M10 services are meant to provide blocks of prepaid time, offered at a reduced rate. We can use that time in any way that suits your need, including consulting over Zoom, researching an issue or opportunity you are facing and providing options with pros/cons, doing development together or separately: anything you would like.

Zoom30 service logo

30 Minutes Consulting

$ 100 USD

Over Zoom (or Google Meet). Use this 30 minutes to have some questions answered, get some advice on your app idea, or to review your approach to an issue

After your purchase, visit my Calendar to book a meeting

Zoom60 service logo

60 Minutes Consulting

$ 200 USD

Over Zoom (or Google Meet). Use this hour to explore any issue or opportunity that you'd like a perspective on.

After your purchase, visit my Calendar to book a meeting

Scopes & Roadmaps

These services are for the beginnings of projects that are either too big or too indistinct at the moment to get the big picture of what must be done. Only from a well-understood scope and roadmap can you realistically determine 1) what an app might cost to build, 2) how long it might take, and 3) whether the tools chosen will get you there.

Scoping and Roadmapping are services which bring us together to get the scope right or to find the best roadmap forward for your app. They are part of a stair-step approach to building software where each step is significant progress, yet is useable on its own.

The Scoping service is designed for smaller projects that are maybe too indistinct to get started on. The Roadmapping service is intended for larger apps. It provides a detailed pathway to the building of your app with all of its moving parts plotted.

Scoping (IS8) and Roadmapping (RM20) are related products. If you are starting with just an idea, IS8 follows naturally into RM20 on the journey to building a brand new app. However, not everyone starts at the same place, and so RM20 would be where to start if you already have a well-defined app, or an existing MVP/design or you have already done extensive scoping work. Alone or together, IS8 and RM20 are intended to move you along in your app-building journey. In the case of Roadmapping, you can take its report to any developer proficient in the development tool(s) recommended and and have them build what the report describes. Or you can continue on with me. The choice is completely yours.

Intensive Scoping (8hr) service logo

Intensive Scoping 8

$ 1200 USD

Intensive Scoping 8 (IS8) is exactly that: 8 hours of intensive scoping of your new app.

The goal is to focus on getting your app off to a quick start with a well-defined set of achievable goals. You can use your 8 hours in any way that suits you to accomplish this.

But as a starting point, we will meet over Zoom and discuss your hopes for the app and what challenges you are facing in terms of budget, time, expertise and domain knowledge. Then I will research anything new (both constraints and opportunities) that what we uncover. Then we discuss some more.

IS8 is a highly interactive service focussed entirely on finding where your new app begins and ends. When we're done, you will have a deep understanding of your app's scope: exactly what it can and can't do within the limitations you set forth.

After your purchase, visit my Calendar to book our first meeting

Where do you go from here? When you're ready, you can start investigating tools and start developing your app. I can Zoom with you and go over your progress, help with learning and, if needs be, help you directly through any tough spots. I have the Zoom 30 and Zoom 60 services available. I will also work over email, through Discord and Twitter DMs. I also offer packages of 5 and 10 hours of time at reduced rates if that appeals to you. If it does, please get in touch for details.

However, if you want more help than that, especially if you would like a concrete plan of how to get your app done, may I suggest you move to my Roadmapping 20 service?

Roadmapping (20 hr) service logo

Roadmapping 20

$ 3000 USD

Roadmapping 20 (RM20) is a 20 hour service that gives you the steps to develop your app.

RM20 is the next logical step following the IS8 Intensive Scoping process. From IS8, you have the scope of your project well in hand. Now, we plan out exactly how to get your app developed.

RM20 is a 20 hour service comprising a mix of:

  • Zoom sessions where we discovery/identify what features your app should have

  • my research into how best to accomplish those features with the tools available so that your app can be born.

At the end you will recieve a report which will include:
  1. a page flow diagram for your entire app

  2. user roles (including time-triggered and duration-triggered events) and how they map to the pages and database

  3. a list of outside services needed

  4. database choice with initial schema

  5. the specific tools chosen (NoCode, LowCode or FullCode) for your app's development, covering both client-side (browser) and server-side (secure) development.

After your purchase, visit my Calendar to book our first meeting

Where do you go from here? Well, it's time to start building your app. You have a plan and the tools you can use. You just need to get started and allocate some time. You can do this!

But, should you find you need some help along the way, then I would be happy to help. I have a variety of time offerings to suit your needs elsewhere on this pricing page.

Or, if you decide you'd rather have some freelancer or agency develop your app on your behalf, then you now have a very useful report to show them so that they can arrive at a price and timeframe for the work.

Lastly, I would be delighted to build out your app too!

Extra Hours

You may find yourself needing some more time to get something we started complete. These next 2 services give you 5 or 10 hours of time at a reduced rate because you buy them ahead of using them.

Use this time for meetings, or further development within your app.

M5 service logo

5 hour block for consulting/development

$ 875 USD

5 hours (as a block) prepaid

After your purchase, visit my Calendar to book a meeting

M10 service logo

10 hour block for consulting/development

$ 1500 USD

10 hours (as a block) prepaid

After your purchase, visit my Calendar to book a meeting

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