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I can develop client applications that run in browsers, on mobile devices and on desktops. I have written internal web and desktop apps in process-driven manufacturing, accounting, service industry, government, data analysis and pathway modelling among many others. I have written public facing apps and internal tools in several industries.

The apps themselves can be dashboards, SaaS, internal tools, admin dashboards, web apps or models - and every combination. My favourite app is one that requires public, private and admin sub-domains such as needed by memberships, marketplaces, job boards, learning sites and commercial blogs.

On the server side, I can integrate any number of databases and 3rd-party services as well as the business logic that the public-facing part of your app relies on for security. The database can be real-time (i.e. changes are pushed to all clients), or passive; SQL or NoSQL ; with or without a REDIS optimization.

I can work with remote REST or graphQL endpoints. If you want your back-end to respond to REST or non-REST requests in a custom manner, I can do that too.

Stack, Tools

I use a javascript stack (on client and server) for most app development. React is my preferred client-side framework, with Tailwind for styling, Overmind (mostly) for state management, and Cypress for testing.

For near-real-time app work, I use Meteor on the server and client. For web apps that don't require background updates, I use Next and Netlify.

For databases, I use MongoDB and PostgreSQL running on 3rd-party server/services.

This website's stack is React, Chakra-UI, Nextjs, Netlify and a completely text-based, memory-only CMS so that it behaves snappily.

Software stack, tools I use

Have a project in mind?

- a challenge that custom software might fix?

- an opportunity that custom software might make bloom?

- a SaaS idea that NoCode would work splendidly for?

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As you can imagine, 40 years of serving clients has introduced me to many clients in many industries and at many levels of management from small startups to Fortune 100 companies and government agencies.

That said, I prefer to work with individuals within any organizaton who are passionate about seeing their ideas come to life and want a partner to help them make their vision a software reality. If you are that kind of person, I would very much like to chat with you.

How I Work

Whether I am developing a fully-coded app or a NoCode / LowCode app, I work very closely with you to set our goals. But one thing we are going to discuss very early in the process is my approach of NoCode-First. I explain a little more here.

... more on how I work

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