Hi, I'm Fraser

I'm a freelance software developer, coach and productivity writer.

I help experienced freelancers avoid the feast-or-famine cycle by nurturing just a few, stellar, long-term clients.

I've spent 39 years as a freelancer - developing solutions for clients by myself.

I'd like to coach you to do the same.

Fraser Gorrie

I coach experienced freelance coders

Have you ever wondered why it's so much easier to see what others could do, that they can't see themselves? Or to show them perspectives that they haven't considered? But when you need clarity yourself, who do you seek out? Family, friends and business contacts are great choices.

But if you find you need someone with different experiences and a fresh perspective, seek out a coach.

It can be hard being in business for yourself in the software development world. There are a lots of non-software things to distract you. And you'd really just like to get back to the coding you love.

It might be nice to get the perspective of someone who has been doing what you are doing for a very long time. If that interests you. Please reach out.

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I coach on how to be: productive enough

I am a firm believer in productivity through tooling, but they have to be the right tools. You also need to know when the tools are holding you back from getting real work done. And that all depends on your personal style.

I can help you find your style, possibly select a few new tools to add to those you already use and then optimize your workflow so you don't become a slave to your tools.

And what happens after that? Change happens - it's inevitable. Either the tools change or your needs change. Even your preferences change.

When change lands for you, and you find you need advice, or a suggestion on how to handle something unique to you, I'll be here.

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I write about productivity and tools

There are a lot of tools in the productivity space and a lot of productivity advice as well. I view the tools I use and the ones I test through a very practical lens. For example, can you make tasks that apply to more than one project? Or, can meeting notes have their own tasks so that you retain the context of those tasks? Once you know how you think about notes and tasks, then you can assess each tool's fitness for you quickly.

Too many people try to change their patterns of thought concerning notes and tasks to match how the tools work. This works, and gratifyingly so at first. But it won't last. And you'll be days into a tool you don't intend to keep using.

I write how to use each productivity tool I review for particular purposes. Occasionally, I will give an overview of a new product or a new update to an existing product, but by and large, I want to answer questions of the form: "How exactly could I do process X in productivity tool Y?"

You'll find me active on Twitter and (soon) on Youtube. I have a podcast Bits of Wisdom. I also publish an infrequent newsletter as well as post articles on this site's blog.

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