I'm Fraser

In a nutshell:

  • I'm a freelance software developer with 40 years of experience serving clients from all over the world
  • I write custom web/mobile/desktop applications with complex mixes of constraints and opportunities
  • I use NoCode, LowCode, or traditional software development tools, as needed
  • I advise NoCode-First as a strategy for all new projects
  • On bigger projects, I have a team that I put together to optimize time to completion
Fraser Gorrie - Veteran Coder / NoCode Strategist

Have a project in mind?

- a challenge that custom software might fix?

- an opportunity that custom software might make bloom?

- a SaaS idea that NoCode would work splendidly for?

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Software development (Coding)

I have been developing traditional software solutions for clients for 40 years. I love it. I truly enjoy the process of taking a set of desired outcomes, sandwiching those within a hedge of contraints and limitations and providing a custom, lasting software application, be it for desktop, mobile or the web.

I have written games, large environmental models, accounting software, internal tools and large complex spreadsheet applications.

My tech stack has evolved enormously over the years, and though I still have clients from 30 years ago using my software, I now work mostly with the javascript dev stack (JS on both browser and server) employing React within various frameworks including Meteor and Next, to name a few.

I can work with most any database and connect to most any API using REST or graphQL. I really enjoy writing real-time applications.

In 40 years you solve a lot of different problems and work with a great many clients. I've worked for government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, small companies and start-ups. My favourite client, however, is anyone who knows their business well and is excited to automate or enhance their business through software.

It takes courage to champion an idea into implementation. If you are such a person and you have a project in mind, please get in touch. I'd love to chat with you.

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"Fraser's extraordinary value is his talent for understanding and solving complex data needs."

Photography studio, Canada,

"Your perspective on this matter is stunning and your words reflect pure wisdom."

Senior Software Engineer, Portugal

NoCode / LowCode development

NoCode / lowCode tools: tools that minimize and often eliminate the need to write software for every piece of a website, web application or mobile application have exploded into the business world. These tools are versatile, well thought-out, deeply capable, and here to stay.

I was skeptical about the utility of these types of tools. But early in 2021 I was introduced to a lowCode tool and I must say it quickly shone for me and I saw its merit and how it fit into the services I offer. NoCode and lowCode tools are now so good, that I have adopted a NoCode-First approach to EVERY new application I write. Their just that good.

I have already created a full client web app with low code tools, and am currently creating two more for other clients in other lowCode tools.

But these tools vary widely in, among other things, their target market, their degree of CSS versatiity and their implementations of Javascript. Many are not ready for freelancers and their demanding client needs. You have to be careful.

Through this experience I have learned what the limitations and strengths of each tool are, and I have developed an approach to their use (especially in combination) that maximizes their power to bring clients value through more rapid turn-around and lower costs.

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How I Work

Whether I am developing a fully-coded app or a NoCode / LowCode app, I work very closely with you to set our goals. But one thing we are going to discuss very early in the process is my approach of NoCode-First. I explain a little more here.

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